Date read: 14-04-2024

Author: Ben McKenzie, Jacob Silverman

How strongly I recommend it: 6/10

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Ben McKenzie is an actor best known for his roles on The O.C.. and Gotham. Outside of acting, he became one of the rare celebrities that did not hop on the crypto hype train and instead, became a massive skeptic.

This book details the crypto hype bubble from 2020 – 2023, from the sudden rise in value and interest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all types of shitcoins to the massive decline and bankruptcy of Celsius, Terraform Labs, FTX, and more. It also captures the journey of Sam Bankman-Fried from hero to zero.

Even though I didn’t participate in the hype, I was an active bystander and was looking from the sidelines. So, I’m familiar with most parts of the story (which explains the lack of notes.)

My notes

Jim had seen the worst of the worst during his time at the FBI, but when interrogating someone suspected of a crime, no matter how brutal, he tended to employ the same simple tactics. Just listen, he said. Tell the suspect you know he is a good person, but you need help understanding what happened because the facts aren’t adding up. If given the opportunity to explain their behaviour, most suspects will take it. They need to see themselves as good people; they desperately want to be understood.