Here’s a list of everything I’ve created so far for other sites.

Last updated: 18 May 2022


  1. Marketing Funnels for Beginners: A Comprehensive Guide
  2. DIY SEO: A Basic 4‐Step Guide That Anyone Can Follow
  3. How to Outsource Your Content to Freelance Writers (4 Steps)
  4. How to Execute the Skyscraper Technique (and Get Results)
  5. How to Improve SEO: 8 Tactics That Don’t Require New Content
  6. Evergreen Content: What It Is, Why You Need It and How to Create It
  7. 11 Proven Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website
  8. SEO vs. PPC: Which Should You Use?
  9. 17 Blogging Tips For Beginners (That Actually Work)
  10. 6 Proven Ecommerce Marketing Strategies (As Recommended by Experts)
  11. Squarespace SEO vs. WordPress: 3.6M Domains Studied
  12. Quora Marketing: ~1 Million Views Generated. Here’s How to Replicate Our Success
  13. 7 Successful Amazon Affiliate Websites (That You Can Learn From)
  14. Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: 7 Steps to Success
  15. 86 Blog Post Ideas (With Successful Examples)
  16. Shopify SEO: 10 Easy Tips For More Organic Traffic
  17. Content Syndication: What It Is and How to Get Started
  18. What’s New At Ahrefs? (March 2020)
  19. 45 Best Free SEO Tools (Tried & Tested)
  20. SEO Copywriting: 12 Easy Tips for Better Content and Higher Rankings
  21. 14 Proven Ways to Get More Views on YouTube
  22. 63 SEO Statistics
  23. What is B2B Content Marketing? 7 Successful Examples
  24. How to Build a Winning Content Marketing Strategy in 9 Steps
  25. Why is Content Marketing Important? 5 Reasons
  26. 4 Best Facebook Groups for SEOs (Most Voted For)
  27. What is Earned Media? 7 Ways to Get It
  28. 9 Ways to Get More YouTube Subscribers
  29. 17 Creative Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses
  30. 7 Best Marketing Newsletters (Most Voted For)
  31. How to Start a Career in Digital Marketing (7 Steps)
  32. 13 Free Ways to Promote Your Business
  33. What is Inbound Marketing? A Beginner’s Guide
  34. 7 Useful Marketing Skills (That I Used to Thrive in My Career)
  35. 10 Lead Generation Tactics That Work (With Examples)
  36. Steal Our SEO Specialist Job Description Template
  37. Influencer Marketing in 2021: Definition, Examples, and Tactics
  38. Lead Generation: The Beginner’s Guide
  39. 17 Actionable Marketing Tips for Small Businesses in 2021
  40. SEO Glossary: 190+ Terms and Definitions You Should Know
  41. What is SaaS Marketing? 8 Tactics We Use at Ahrefs
  42. What is Growth Marketing? A Beginner’s Guide
  43. What Is Content Writing? 13 Tips for Creating Amazing Content
  44. 17 Actionable Content Marketing Tips for 2022
  45. Most ‘Types’ of Content Marketing Are Nonsense. Here Are 5 That Actually Make Sense
  46. 13 Inexpensive Small-Business Marketing Ideas That Actually Work
  47. B2B Marketing: The Beginner’s Guide
  48. 19 Easy (But Effective) Digital Marketing Tips
  49. What Is the Buyer’s Journey? How to Create Content for Every Stage
  50. 70 Blogging Statistics for 2022
  51. The Beginner’s Guide to Lifecycle Marketing
  52. How to Become a Successful Content Creator
  53. 13 Content Promotion Tactics to Get More Eyeballs on Your Content
  54. The Complete Guide to Content Repurposing
  55. Push vs. Pull Marketing: Differences & How to Use Them
  56. 15 Proven Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog
  57. 13 Content Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses
  58. The Essential Guide to Customer Acquisition
  59. The Simple (But Complete) Guide to Video Marketing
  60. Organic Marketing vs. Paid Marketing: What’s the Difference?
  61. Product-Led Content: What It Is, Why Use It, and How to Get Started
  62. How to Create a Buyer Persona for Your Business
  63. 11 Internet Marketing Strategies That Work
  64. What Is Link Bait? 7 Successful Examples





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